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Forcinet Institute

In order to support your growing competence and to tailor your expertise to the web challenges, Forcinet Institute ensures professional trainings in digital communication, web marketing and community management.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can we consider digital initiatives in our business strategy ?

Incorporating digital initiatives in your business strategy consists on identifying digital opportunities and activities that will benefit your business and optimizing your vision regarding your strategic objectives. Forcinet, through its expertise, assists you in specifying digital opportunities and challenges related to your business, defining and prioritizing the online initiatives required and deploying the necessary web assets, such as web sites, eCommerce, social networks and web campaigns, to fulfill your marketing communication and sales objectives.

Is it necessary to incorporate Online Reputation Management in our business communication strategy ?

Yes, it’s important to integrate Online Reputation Management in your communication strategies and actions. Today, communicating about your activities, products/services and your social engagement, is subject to the appreciation of some people you may know or not. The majority of these people is present on the web and share their opinions through different online platforms. In this way, it is important to know what they think and say about your brand so as to interact with them. Through Forcinet services, we provide you with a range of solutions to manage your e-reputation by measuring your brand presence on Internet, assessing your web community feeling about your business and identifying opportunities to protect and your reputation.

As individual, what could be the added value of Forcinet services for me ?

Forcinet services help you to improve your personal branding. Today, as individual, you interact with many people whether as a collaborator, a customer or a provider… Most of the time, these people seek you on the Internet to know more about you and to identify your profile. In this way, depending on your interests, we assist you in accessing the web, improving your e-reputation and building a trustful personal brand.

What is the impact of Google research results on my e-reputation?

Nowadays, Google has become the reference for everyone. To know about you or about your business, people tend to use Google search engine. Thus, having negative results could not only affect your reputation but it could ruin it. Forcinet offers you a solution to manage your Google page whether as a preventive action that will allow you and/or your business to avoid any Google-related crisis or as a curative initiative that will allow you to regenerate a new positive e-reputation.

Is it sufficient to be present only in one social network ?

It’s so beneficial for your personal brand or your business to be present on Internet. However, settling for just one social network could not lead to the expected result. In fact, each social or professional network has a specific vocation related to the profile types that characterize its users. To assist you in well-managing your web community, Forcinet analyzes your business and interests, identifies the web positioning of your targets and helps you to define and to manage the required social/professional networks for your brand.

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