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Did the following story tell you something?

Once upon a time, I was walking in my hometown. I perceived a film poster. I stared at the name of the movie and I realised that I’ve never heard about it. I thought about watching it the same day before going back home. Then, thinking about it, I concluded that I couldn’t, as I’m not sure if I will like it or not and this will cost me time and money.

However, this, didn’t mean, that I wouldn’t watch it at all. Actually, what I needed at that time was to have more information about the movie to guess if I’m going to like it or not. So, I came back home, picked my laptop, open a search engine and searched for the movie.

Reading its synopsis, watching the trailer, peeking in the comments and the critics, checking its rating on IMDb website, asking friends, analysing its reviews… are all steps I moved through to make my decision. Then, I decided to watch it and went to the cinema to do so.

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